On Saturday 7 November, 19 year old Libby Ruge, was walking with friends in Wollongong, Australia when she was hit by a car that lost control and veered onto the footpath. Libby, an aspiring model, later died of her injuries.

The 18-year-old driver of the car, Jaskaran Singh, faced court on Tuesday, charged with multiple driving offences and was denied bail.

The front seat passenger in the car, Arpan Sharma, faced court a day earlier on several charges, including dangerous driving offences. Police allege that Sharma was drunk and pulled on the handbrake, causing the vehicle to lose control, mount the kerb, and plough into Libby and her friends.

Sharma is an international student studying a business diploma.

aspiring model
Libby Ruge died following a road incident.

The judge granted Mr Sharma bail, but accepted that he is a flight risk and ordered that he surrender his passport and report to Wollongong police station daily.

The matter will return to court in January 2021.

Source: ABC News