Crowdfunding saves international student scam victims

Scams against international students have become a huge problem in all of the main countries where international students choose to study. International students often get tricked by scammers because they: are living
BU International students

BU international students lose $300k in scams

In 2020 criminals have stolen almost US$300,000 from Boston University (BU) international students in 22 scams says the Boston University Police Department. Half of the scam incidents occurred in a

HMRC warns unis on scams targeting students

In October the Head of Cyber Operations in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wrote Vice-Cahncellors of UK universities to warn of scams targeting students in the new academic year. He predicted
visa scam

US visa scam targets international students

US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) has issued a warning about a visa scam targeting international students. ICE says that the scam involves the following steps: The scammer says they are a
International Student Scammed

International student scammed for $43,000

Xinlu Liang, 22, a Chinese grad student at the University of Southern California has bravely told the story of how in 2019 she lost $43,000 to a ‘government impostor’ scam. Xinlu Liang