On 15 October, an Indian international student in Winnipeg was hanging out with friends at Crescent Drive park in Winnipeg. The group was talking in Punjabi when a large gang of teenagers approached them and started racially abusing them.

The Indian international student – who wants to remain anonymous – said:

So we [were] just talking our Punjabi and then one of them starting saying, ‘Yo, hey bro, if you can’t speak English then don’t stay here, go back,’ like these types of things which hurts me a lot.

After a while the gang left and the victim thought he had avoided any serious trouble. But soon he heard the sound of breaking glass. He and his friends went to check it out and saw the gang of teens smashing his car with baseball bats and slashing his car seats with knives. He ran over to stop the gang but says they threatened hi with large knives.

The student and his friends ran and called 911.

Winnipeg police are investigating and have charged one teenager in relation to the attack.

Source: City News

Cover Image: Brydon McCluskey on Unsplash