An international student in Singapore – Zhang – lost over S$300,000 (US$220,000) when he fell for a “government imposter” scam.

Here’s what happened:

  • July 27 – Zhang received an automated message claiming to be from Singapore’s Ministry of Health, which said that it had important COVID-related information for him.
  • The message told him to press a number to speak to an individual purportedly from the ministry and he did.
  • The person he spoke to said that one of his phone numbers was linked to the claimed that one of spreading of Covid-19 related rumours in Shanghai.
  • Zhang was then put in contact with people claiming to be Chinese officials who said he was suspected of involvement in a money laundering case.  
  • Mr Zhang said he subsequently received documents purportedly from the Chinese authorities.
  • He also received calls and text messages – up to five times per day – from several individuals claiming to be Chinese officials.
  • The scammers told him that he must transfer money to support the investigation into the case. They also told him not to tell anyone about the case.
  • Zhang transferred money that his parents had given him until they became suspicious and told him to report the case to the police in Singapore.

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Source: The Star, The Straits Times