Gurpreet Singh Gill, a 22 year old international student, drowned at the Wasaga Beach Area 2, Canada on on Saturday 12 June 2021. Gill was a weak swimmer and not wearing a personal flotation device.

Gurpreet was an advertising and marketing student at Sheridan College. 

He drowned when he slipped off an inner tube he was floating on, according to his best friend Arshdeep Singh Atwal.

Gurpreet and Arshdeep came to Ontario from India together in 2017 to study at Sheridan College.

Gurpreet went to the beach with a group of friends on a rare day off from work. He was seen floating on the inner tube a few hundred metres from shore, but when they went to call him for lunch they saw the inner tube floating with no sign of Gurpreet.

Arshdeep said:

When they are done with the barbecue, they see him not on the floating tube, they were searching for him on the shore.

Gurpreet’s friends called 9-1-1. Police attended but a search, including police divers, failed to locate Gurpreet. Later a police helicopter was called and located Gurpreet’s body about 3 hours later, a short distance from where he was last seen.

Arshdeep said:

His family is very sad, he was the only son of his father. We are all sad, we are feeling like he isn’t gone. Nothing can take his place.

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Source: The Star